Canvaas Multilevel marketing System is a professional software which allows you to start your own online business and promote your products. It is the procedure to start your own earning website, as a side business or even multipurpose. You can earn money online and you can start your own MLM system with this software.


At Canvaas Softwares, our dedicated team follows the complete process including

• Creation of a complete strategy.
• Organizing workshops with the client.
• Constructing the complete map of the website.
• Collecting information from the clients.
• Designing interactive UI.
• Developing features for the website

Interested in MLM (Multi Level Marketing) System ?


    ☞ Latest Responsive Design.
    ☞ Create Unlimited Menus.
    ☞ Multi-Language Facility Enable.
    ☞ Secure User Dashboard.
    ☞ Upgration System Included.
    ☞ Referal Commission Facility.
    ☞ Instant Binary Commission Enable.
    ☞ Included BV Logs & Referal system.
    ☞ Generation Tree.
    ☞ Accurate Binary & Transection Summery.
    ☞ Automated Payment Gateways.
    ☞ Unlimited Withdrawal System.
    ☞ User to User Balance Transfer.
    ☞ Account Settings & Login History Logs.


    ☞ 100% Secure Admin Dashboard.
    ☞ Package & Plan Management.
    ☞ Full User Management.
    ☞ Withdraw Method Management.
    ☞ Deposit System Control.
    ☞ Support Ticket / Helpdesk Management.
    ☞ Subscribers Data handle.
    ☞ Data Reports Available.
    ☞ Frontend Manager.
    ☞ General Settings.
    ☞ Email/SMS Notification Manager.
    ☞ LiveChat & Recaptcha Available.
    ☞ Email & SMS Template Manager.
    ☞ Multi-Language Manager Available.