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A Starter In a Startup

Sleepless nights, multiple cups of coffee and tea, working like a spider who won’t give up until its work is done….. Welcome to a Real Startup.

Ever since the launch of Startup India Scheme in 2016, in combination with its various benefits, multiple Startups are being launched on an everyday basis. However, most of them are shutting down too as not being able to cope up with this trending Scheme. Even being a part of a Startup means standing up for any possible chore, be it marketing, meetings or any other related field and working without even considering the official work hours. When such crazy scenarios are met, then is generated something what we consider as success.
Ever since I got a campus placement in the MNC, everyone around me was nothing but congratulating me for my success and how my future is set now. That’s the general reaction I guess. Nevertheless, I was still searching for something what would allow me to work for something I could consider as my own beyond the 9 to 5 office culture.
That’s when I came in contact with a budding startup. A startup founded by a B.Tech graduate. He started his venture in his 2nd year of college and is trending ever since.
Following the silver lining, I left the proposal of MNC and joined my startup family. After that I got many judgements but, already set for that, began my new life. A life full of risks but great opportunities.
Here I got to know how a business actually works. I got to deal with every possible aspect of business be it handling clients, meetings, deadlines and the best part, working on your own ideas and getting recognition for your part. It has just been 6 months but I have became familiar with multiple technologies, their growing use and converting an idea into a successful reality.

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